“Mama Little's Rum Cakes fruit/rum cakes are scrumptious.
The cakes are full of flavour, loaded with fruit, spices and essential Caribbean rum making it moist and light (not too dense) on the taste buds. The cakes for my family and I are ideal all year round on their own or with a hot drink and for special occasions.”
Miss A B, London
“This cake is moist and seriously additive! My plan was to try and make it last for as long as possible by limiting myself to one small slice per day, but the temptation was too great, I just couldn't resist going back for more. Definitely one of the best rum cakes I've tasted in a long time!”
Miss L S, London
“The cake is scrumptious moist with just enough rum, and can be eating in many different ways, I like mine gently warmed and eaten with vanilla ice-cream.”
Mrs D S,
South East London
“Mama Little's Rum Cakes are delicious. Our cake was sent by post from London to Preston and arrived in perfect condition, beautifully packaged. The texture and flavour of the cake was amazing, I could eat this cake every day!”
Mr P S, Preston
“Yummy for my tummy! A very tasty cake.”
Mrs E, Ruislip
“Moist, delicious and rummy!”
Mrs F T
It was lovely and moist, almost to the point of stodgy, which sounds bad but that's how I like cake, and nicely 'rummy'. I also didn't detect any candied peel, which again “was good for me because I don't like the stuff. So, all in all, from my point of view, practically perfect. ”
Mr B P, London
“ I received the cake in the post today, the presentation was very good, I like your branding and the packaging meant the product stayed in one piece. I shared the cake with a few of my colleagues in the office and they all said they enjoyed it.”
Mr B J, Southampton
“Very traditional rum cake, great presentation, would recommend.”
Ms M, Greenford
“I am very critical of fruit cakes and I must confess this is one of my favourites. It's not too sweet (I have not got a sweet tooth) and just the right texture. It also has full flavour and looks good. I would recommend this!”
Miss J M, London
“The cake was delicious and reminded me of the type of cakes I was use to eating at one time.”
Mr A C, London
“Absolutely delicious - the best!!! The rum cake lollipop was so moist it melted into velvet in my mouth, absolutely delicious!”
Mr P S, London
“Delicious cake & very friendly & helpful Service. Lots of different price options for cakes too.”
Mr S J, Hackney
“Leaving your pallet feeling caressed!”
Mrs A N, London
“Scrumptious - Mouth - watering.”
Mrs C H, S E London
“These rum cakes are amazing and authentic. I eat mine with hazelnut syrup whipped in double cream. A perfect treat with a hot drink. So tasty.”
Miss M A B, London
“I have just found where I put your card from the quite delicious cake that we were lucky enough to buy at the Christmas Bazaar. It was an immensely generous contribution to the fundraising effort and I am just so pleased that we were the fortunate beneficiaries. It was impressive enough to look at but the sight of it paled into insignificance at the first bite.”
Mr J V, London